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Cap d'Any

January 26, 2016 | Magdalena Wimmer


Tired of finishing and starting the year and at the same place like the years before? 

Then you should now think about how to make your next New Year’s Eve special. What could be better than starting the new year in a wonderful city full of adventures and fascination? … That’s why Barcelona is the perfect destination!

Get inspired and enchanted by the grandiose buildings of Gaudi, the beautiful beach at Barceloneta and the over all charm of the Catalans.

To have an unforgettable evening in Barcelona City you should follow some of my tips:

What would be New Year’s Eve without a delicious dinner in one of the catalan restaurants.

!When in Barcelona, try to avoid all the restaurants around “Ramblas”. They are usually very expensive and the quality of food isn’t the greatest. Choose one of the local restaurants with their typical dishes!

It’s best to choose a restaurant on the internet and reserve before starting your trip, as they are very crowded and you might not get a table.
A lot of restaurants offer New Year’s specials with a variety of different menus at acceptable prices.

Here’s the list of restaurants I’d recommend:

  • Casa Mari i Rufo (delicous fish)

  • Joanet (100% Catalan cuisine)

  • L'Arrossería Xàtiva (great rice dishes)

  • 7 Portes (high quality meals and Catalan atmosphere)

  • Can Culleretes (Barcelona’s oldest restaurant)

For those who are interested in South – American cuisine:

  • La Rueda (Argentinian cuisine)

  • El Ñaño Bellaterra (Ecuadorian cuisine)

Of course there are a lot more restaurants with high quality meals and a pleasant atmosphere.

When you are in Barcelona on New Year’s Eve, you should definitely not miss the show at Plaza España. Get inspired by a stunning firework accompanied by Spanish music.


Tip: Don’t be late for the show - avoid the crowded metro stations!


To celebrate a „original spanish New Year’s Eve“ you have to buy a dozen of grapes. At midnight you gonna eat a grape everytime the bell rings. According to the spanish tradition you will have a year full of luck and happiness. Sounds difficult – and that’s exactly what it is, but actually it’s a lot of fun! 

After a glamorous and exciting start, you should spend the rest of the night in one of Barcelona’s great bars. There’s a big variety of them in the different “Barrios”. Every district has its own flair and style. If you are adventurous you should go from district to district and find out which one you liked the most.

For those of you who are interested in more action for this time of the year, there are several clubs with music for everyone. Make sure to registrate yourself on the guestlist and be prepared to pay high prices for the entrance!!

But the most important thing is to enjoy every single minute in awesome BARCELONA!

It’s a city you just have to fall in love with! 


My plan for the next year is to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Catalonia’s capital city again. Whats Your’s?


Besos y abrazos

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