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Where do you want to go?

February 7, 2016 | Laura Yvonne


When I told everyone about my plans to go to the United states on my own, I got all kinds of reactions, from amazement to disapproval. 

Some usually think that it’s great, as it ignites an open-mindedness within oneself, while others say it is too dangerous to go on your own. But when I graduated back in 2015 it was clear to me: I want to leave Austria, just leave. Just away. Alone. A month later my new life started on another continent. 

 Now I'm here in Seattle, having a complete different way to see things- just having a complete new life, which couldn't be more different than my daily life back home. I'm at a point in my life right now, where I have the opportunity to travel. Just travel where ever I want.

And that is what my life just be filled with - trips! 

Traveling is not about how far away it is, how long or with whom you're going. It is important, to learn from the things you see and experience. Go with open eyes through the world, get to know new things, try! Try foreign food, go skinny dipping, see the most beautiful starry skies in the world and grow older with all these special memories. It's a wonderful drug and no, I don’t want to take the road to recovery, I want to take the road to the airport! Leave the comfort zone, embrace different cultures, get lost and you'll never come home the way you left! What could be more fascinating? 

So I always say: If new years eve was not the best - the new year will be even more awesome! Well I spent the last minutes of 2k15 in a hotel room. A hotel room in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I had to take care of my little hostkiddo- which was totally fine, 'cause I had time to just think about all the things happened in the year of  big changes - 2015. Then I started thinking about all the amazing things that will happen - 2016. Year of new starts, new challenges, new experiences, new people and definitely a new (changed) me. Miles away from the place I used to call my home, I kept planning the trips I want to do and adventures I want to be part of. 

And now 6 months in the country of unlimited possibilities I honestly can't really tell how I really was back home, which now seems to me like I was living in a bubble. Of course a bubble with my family, friends and my social life. But the bubble just can't stand new experiences and people anymore! So let's see what it brings, cheers to 2016!


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